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Who are the governors?

Governing Body

At present the following are members of the governing body

Members are reelected after serving for 4 years

Name Position Date Appointed

Term of Office


Stephen Wadsworth Chair & Foundation Governor June 2015 February 2023
Richard Pickering Vice Chair & Foundation Governor June 2018 May 2022
Rev Edward Down Ex Officio (Foundation Governor) October 2020 n/a
Vacancy Foundation Governor    
Tom Grant Foundation Governor September 2018 August 2022
Jacky Farnell Headteacher (Ex Officio) September 2004 n/a
Mohammed Patel Parent Governor July 2018 June 2022
Vacancy Parent Governor    
Kerry Hadley Staff Governor January 2017 January 2021
Fiona Brooks Deputy Head - in attendance n/a  
Kerry Miller Clerk to Governors n/a  


The Body of Governors can be contacted c/o the school by letter or email at

The Chair of Governors can be contacted c/o the school by letter or email at


Governors' role and complaints

Governors often attend curriculum afternoons, parents' evenings and Friday coffee afternoons. They will wear their governor's badge to identify themselves and are always pleased to hear your suggestions, ideas and comments.

However, governors may only act with the remit of the full governing body and may not give advice or act as individuals.

If you have any concerns or complaints please use the school's complaints policy.

We will always do everything we can to resolve issues raised by parents.

Watch this space for photos and more about who our governors are......