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Vision and Intent

At Hope Hamilton, the curriculum is designed to develop:


1. Respect and love for themselves and others

The Christian ethos of the school forms the starting point for all teaching and learning and Religious Education forms an important part of this overall ethos. Through this, children learn to value themselves and others, develop spiritually, morally, culturally and socially and appreciate the world around them. Community cohesion remains a high priority, especially in the diverse, multicultural communities of Hamilton and Leicester. It is also important to us that children understand how British values fit within and alongside this.

RE is recognised as a core subject and aims to provide all children with the stimulus to be open hearted and broadminded. These attitudes are for life, not just for school, and they should equip our children to live in our multicultural city. It provides a means for children to develop an understanding of their own and others’ beliefs so they come to value themselves and to respect others. We encourage the children to follow Christ’s teaching to love and to serve one another so they can take their place in a multicultural, multiracial society.

2. High aspirations and self esteem

Our children come from a wide range of faiths, backgrounds and social contexts and we aim to ensure that each one of them feels valued and recognises their own potential. We welcome and celebrate the diverse beliefs and backgrounds of the children and ensure that developing their understanding of these is an implicit part of the everyday life of the school so that they can be a real part of building a peaceful future.

We believe our school is a place where every child feels special and loved by God for who they are and we ensure that every child leaves us feeling they have something unique and special to offer the world in which they grow up. Our curriculum enables children to develop the necessary healthy mental and physical skills in order to thrive.

3. Collaboration and communication skills

Well over a third of children are EAL and many children enter the school with poor language and communication skills so there is an emphasis on communication, language and vocabulary throughout the curriculum. There are many opportunities for children to work together, both within year groups and across the school, so they develop collaboration and communication skills.

4. Learning characteristics

Children who underachieve in the school have often entered the school with low levels of independence and resilience. We feel that Hope Hamilton is a place in which children are supported to grow and learn in God’s love, whilst taking responsibility for and ownership of their learning. Children are taught to understand and use the school’s six learning characteristics to enable them to develop and make progress.

5. Creative, critical thinkers

Many children coming into the school have only a limited range of ‘life’ experiences and lack the confidence to explore the world around them. Through an engaging, exciting curriculum which incorporates a wide range of experiences and challenges, we aim to develop children’s curiosity and ability to solve problems whilst also ensuring they have the necessary knowledge and basic skills to access learning.

The curriculum is designed to develop knowledge, skills and concepts through a range of experiences and subjects. There is an emphasis on the six areas of learning and connecting knowledge and skills so children are able to apply these in a range of contexts both within and outside distinct subjects.

The emphasis is on excellence, excitement and challenge. Through high expectations and a range of challenges and support, children are encouraged to become independent, creative learners who also respect and care for themselves and others.