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Meet our staff



Head - Mrs Fiona Brooks

Deputy Head - Mrs Sophie Barker

Assistant Head - Nikola Jackson

Assistant Head/SENDCO - Jennifer Moore

Classes are organised in 4 phases:


Foundation Stage led by Veena Sonpal

  Year 1 and 2 led by Sophie Barker 

    Year 3 and 4 led by Jennifer Moore

Year 5 and 6 led by Nikola Jackson


Each phase has a team of teachers and teaching assistants.


 In order to ensure consistency for the children, we do not use supply teachers as we feel it is important that the staff know the children and continuity is maintained even when the class teacher is not there.

PPA cover, cover when staff are out on courses, intervention groups and cover for absence (as far as is possible) and other unforseen absence is covered by a Higher Level Teaching Assistant or Teacher.


Staff are always happy to talk to parents, but it helps to make an appointment whenever possible.

You can also email the teacher via the office, using the teacher's name as the subject



Mrs Sonpal - Teacher F2

Miss Charlton - Teacher F1

Mrs Mehta - Teacher F1

Miss Roberts - Teacher F2

Mrs Essex -  HL Teaching Assistant

Mrs Zborowksa - Teaching Assistant, EAL support

Mrs Farnish - Teaching Assistant F2

Ms Roe - Teaching Assistant F1

Mrs Ladwa - Teaching Assistant F1



Mrs Postlethwaite - Teacher Y1 Orange Base

Mrs Stokes - Teacher Y1 Yellow Base

Mrs Leedham - Teacher Y2 Pink Base

Mrs Rollins - Teacher Y2 Red Base

Mrs Webb - Teacher Cover

Miss Bhatt - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Varney - Teaching Assistant

Miss Sansby - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kostecka - Teaching Assistant

Miss Jones - Learning Mentor


Key Stage 2 Years 3 and 4

Mr Finn - Teacher Y3 Green Base

Mrs Lydiate - Teacher Y3 Blue Base

Miss Chauhan -  Teacher, Y4 Indigo Base

Mrs Hadley - Teacher, Y4 Violet base

Mr Hughes - Teacher Cover Y3-4

Miss Moore - Teacher, Y4 Violet Base, SENDCO

Miss Hackerdon - Teaching Assistant

Miss Grant - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dosanjh -  Teaching Assistant




Key Stage 2 Years 5 and 6


Mr Barwell - Teacher Y5 Silver Base

Miss Benson - Teacher Y6 Ebony Base

Mrs O'Malley - Teacher Y6 Copper Base

Mrs Lumsden - Teacher Y5 Gold Base

Mrs Robinson - HL Teaching Assistant

Mrs Connolly -Teaching Assistant

Ms Moore - Teaching Assistant

Miss Boles - Learning Mentor


Office Staff

Mrs Edwards- Business Manager

Mrs King - Office Manager

Miss Woolley - Admin Assistant


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Connolly

Miss Sansby

Miss Zborowska

Mrs Varney

Miss Grant

Ms Vetesse

Miss Hill

Miss Bhatt

Mrs Daud

Miss Seedat

Mrs Lad

Mrs Pancholi

Mrs Ladwa


Premises Staff

Mr Hancock - Premises Officer

Mrs  Abdullah - Cleaner

Miss Trevor - Cleaner

Mrs Qureshi - Cleaner

Mr Sidat - Cleaner