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Spring 2 Menu 2020

Both as part of the curriculum and through school lunches, we encourage children to consider the effects of what they eat on their bodies. The dining hall is a calm, happy environment. Background music is played and children chat quietly whilst enjoying their food.


Lunchtime supervisors include teaching assistants in order to ensure children have the same high standards of behaviour during lunchtime as during the rest of the day.


Staff encourage children to eat their lunch and put a note in packed lunch boxes if they have encouraged a child to eat their lunch but without success.


Older children sit with younger ones to role model the good manners that are expected of all and each week a group of children are awarded the privilege of sitting on the 'top table' set with a cloth, flowers, glasses and cutlery.


All tables will be set with jugs of water and vases of fresh flowers. For hot meals, children use proper plates, bowls, cutlery and glasses (not plastic flight trays).