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Learning to understand and manage conflict is an important part of growing up. Bullying is not simply a 'falling out'. To ensure we are able to prevent bullying, act quickly when it takes place and avoid misidentifying bullying, it is vital we all know the  definition of bullying.


“Bullying is the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. It can happen face to face or online.”


In school we help the children to identify bullying by using the phrase STOP.

STOP stands for:




It is very important that we, as adults, do not label something as bullying when it is not.

Children can, at times , be un kind and hurtful. These incidents still need reporting to, and addressing by, an adult but that does not mean they meet the criteria to be called bullying.


See some helpful links below for more information on bullying and what you can do to help. In addition, our doors are always open to you. Please talk to a member of staff if you have any concerns, or would like more information about bullying.

This week we have been learning about bullying and how we prevent it at Hope Hamilton. Each class made a promo video about with different facts around bullying. Children were challenged to enter a competition to make their own clip at home. The winner is Maja from Pink Base. Please see her winning video below. Well done to all the other entries.

United Against Bullying

Still image for this video