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Attendance Matters

Children make best progress when the attend school regularly. There is a proven link between absence and children having lower attainment.


As a school our attendance is very good. But for your child good attendance means they maintain friendship circles and because they haven't missed work they understand what is going on in class.


In line with government policy, no holidays are authorised and parents of children who are taken out of school for unauthorised holidays of 4 days or more may be issued with a penalty notice.




Reporting an Absence

If your child is unable to attend school it is important you inform school at the earliest possible convenience, preferably before 9.30am. Please make sure you state your child’s name, class teacher and the reason for absence. Please speak clearly and spell any unusual names. Messages can be left on the school answerphone before 8.30am.

Dental and medical appointments should be made outside school hours where possible.



Children should arrive at school on time. They should come into class between 8.45am and 8.55am.


If children arrive after 8.55am they need to arrive via the school office to sign in late as they will have been marked absent on the electronic registers.


If we have no reason for a child not being in school we may phone home to find out why they are absent. This is partly for safeguarding reasons, in case something should have happened on the way to school.


Being late 10 mins every day for one year is equal to 33 hours approximately 6 days!!!!!