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 big hello to all at Hope Hamilton Primary School

Dear Parent,


Aspens Services Ltd has been chosen by Hope Hamilton Primary School to provide your children’s school dinners. To help you decide what option to choose for your child’s school meal, we would like to tell you a little bit about the food we provide.


Many of the team at Aspens have school children and as parents, we understand how important this decision is.  You want to make sure that your child eats at lunchtime, what they have is nutritionally balanced and also that the option you select is value for money.    


We are passionate about serving fresh, high quality and locally sourced ingredients and we have a team of experienced, creative chefs that keep our menus exciting and tasty for your child to enjoy. 


We care about our food and this is reflected in our menus.  We source our products carefully and incorporate seasonal produce into our dishes.  We taste test our food with children and listen to what they tell us before finalising our menus.  Each menu then is specifically designed from the pupil feedback and preferred choices at each school.


All dishes are made from scratch in the school kitchen.  They include a choice of protein rich main courses, fresh vitamin-packed vegetables and fruit, rice and pasta and tasty desserts, fresh fruit and yoghurt that will give your child energy to keep them going all day. 


Each term we send out our new menu and you can use the Bubble & Squeak fridge magnet available from the school, to keep the menu to hand at home, so you can make informed choices about what your child eats.


Our menus are compliant to the new School Food Plan, and all our recipes have the required Allergen information.


Making School Meals Fun


To encourage children to try new foods and to clean their plates, we run a programme of special days during the year.


The promotions range from school linked activities, special days and monthly themed events. We also run competitions to encourage creativity when it comes to food.  They will be advertised in advance through the school or on our website.


Bubble & Squeak


We promote our meals through the characters Bubble and Squeak, who you can see at the top of the page.  They were designed and developed from ideas that came from a group of children in one of our primary schools.  Their purpose is that throughout the year, they will help us promote our food and special theme days.


Get in Touch


If you would like to talk to us, get in touch via email on  or call us on 01905 759613

You will also find a host of information on our website