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week beg 18th May

A big hello to all our lovely F1 children,


We hope you all had a wonderful week! Here are some of the things the teachers have been doing.


Miss Dattani has been playing ping pong with her brothers and been on long walks. She has also been learning how to make cheese and onion pasty and samosas.


Miss Charlton has been keeping very busy! She has been enjoying a few of her favourite Disney movies this week. Which is making her sing the song ‘mother knows best’.


Mrs Essex and her daughter have made some rainbow signs and put them on lampposts near her house to make people smile. They spent some time practising baking skills, particularly perfecting jam surprise cupcakes! She has also been keeping fit by going for walks in the countryside near her house, she even spotted a heron in the Brook!


Miss Moore has been making some lovely new resources for our base and practising yoga. She has also been doing lots more gardening and now the seeds and potatoes that she planted have started to grow- have you seen anything growing in your garden or on a walk?


It is the final week of this half term and the last week of our ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ topic. This week we will be learning about pirates and imaginary creatures.


We have loved seeing all the wonderful things you have been doing and learning. Keep sending us pictures and messages.


All the teachers are missing you more and more each day! Here is a little message from us all.




They say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ we thought we would give you both.


Hoping to see you all soon!


Lots of love from


Miss Dattani, Miss Charlton, Mrs Essex and Miss Moore


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