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week beg 11th May

Hello to all our lovely Foundation Stage children,


This week one of your home learning activities is to find a baby picture of yourself and talk about how you have changed. You can also ask other family members to share their baby pictures and talk about how they have changed.

The Foundation Stage teachers thought this would be a perfect time for them to dig out their family albums. Can you guess who these pictures belong too? Write down your guesses and email it to:


Name of FS teachers taking part:




Mrs Sonpal

Miss Charlton

Miss Dattani

Miss Roberts

Mrs Iqbal

Mrs Essex

Miss Moore

Miss Farnish

Mrs Furlong


Don’t forget to have a look at the other home learning activities in the attachment below. This week we are learning all about sea rescue.


We are so proud of all the amazing work you have been doing at home. Keep emailing us all your wonderful work.


Lots of love from


Mrs Sonpal, Miss Dattani, Miss Charlton, Mrs Essex, Miss Roberts, Mrs Iqbal, Miss Farnish, Mrs Furlong and Miss Moore

Learning Objectives