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week 6: July 6th

Mrs Leedham would like to say a really big WELL DONE to all of Pink Base for their hard work at Spelling Shed this year - we have finished in top spot! Congratulations!

Hello Year 2!

What a busy week of learning we have had! I can tell by the work that I have seen from you that you have grown in confidence and are definitely ready for Year 3!

Other things have been growing – in my garden! I can’t believe how big my plants have grown. I wonder if you can work out what delicious food I have this week. Can you identify the plant or the food?


Some of these plants create the food as the roots (underground), the stems or the fruit, which we pick off the leaves or branches. Can you work out which part of the plant we might eat in these pictures? What recipes can you think of that have these foods in?

This is our final week of Enchanted Woodland learning. Congratulations on having a wonderful year in year 2. Miss Ballard and I will miss you as you move into Year 3 – but please come back to see us and say hello!

Have a lovely summer holiday, stay safe, and we will see you soon.

Mrs Leedham

Learning Objectives and Timetable