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Week 6: 6th July


Hi year 5.

Well, we’ve made it to the last week of term. This has been such an unusual year that I am sure none of us will ever forget being in year 5, during 2020, at Hope Hamilton!

We’ve has some great times together this year – making hearts and blood, going to Cadbury World (without me!), having the science fair in the hall, to name but a few. I hope you all have some good memories, I know I do.

Thank you for being so awesome and for being you. Enjoy the summer holiday, whatever we are allowed to do! And I look forward to seeing you next year. Please find me to say hello, I have missed not being able to say goodbye to everyone this term


Stay safe


Mrs Hadley


Hi Year 5 and 6,

I wanted to say a huge well done to those of you who have tackled the home learning we have set for you.

It can be really tricky working at home – with distractions all around, a less rigid timetable to sequence your day and no peers/teachers/TAs to turn to for help.

People on the news sometimes say that you children will have suffered in terms of your education due to the Lockdown. It has been a long time out of school. However, we feel that if you have managed to try the home learning, you will have kept up your skills and hopefully developed some new ones. With the right approach, it won’t take long to catch up and be ready to zoom on.

I think that the discipline and independence that you will have needed and developed during this period of school closure will be an enormous help to you with your future learning.

When you get back into school – whether you come to us as a Year 6 pupil at Hope, or you are moving on to become a student at one of Leicester’s lucky secondary schools (lucky because they are getting you), there will be many adults excited to meet you, ready to take care of you and eager to begin unpicking how they can help you to move forward.

I am really sad not to have said a proper goodbye and thank you to Copper and Ebony Base. You were fabulous to work with and I have really missed you. I’m sorry you didn’t get the ‘send-off’ you deserve. I hope that we can organise an event of some kind in the future months so we get chance to meet up again. There are still some SATs practice papers you could do…(!!!)

Remember that if you need someone to speak to about an urgent problem during the summer holiday, Childline is a very useful route. The school email address is checked through the holiday so that is another way to seek help.  

Have a super holiday. Smile, stay safe and keep others safe!

Miss Jackson

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