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week 5 : May 18th

Hello all.

We hope you're all well and staying safe as we start a new week. This is the last week of our 'Summer 1 Term' and you will have completed a whole term of home learning.

We're all very proud of you for being sensible, continuing with your learning and adapting to this new way of learning.

Remember, this will not just be a big event that is here today and forgotten about.  This is a moment in history that future generations will study and learn about, just like when we learn about events in our history lessons.

We hope you're managing to access as much of the learning from this website as you can, but we also hope you might be learning other life skills from family members, being at home and from other sources.

We're all keeping our fingers and toes crossed that we might be able to return before the Summer Holidays to have some time together and enjoy what's left of our year 3 learning.

Remember to stay safe and as Boris Johnson says, stay alert.

Take care,


Mr Finn, Mrs Lydiate & Miss Moore.


P.S next half term our topic is 'Could it be Magic?' and we will be looking into the world of fantasy and magic with a focus on Harry Potter.  So... if you want to get reading the book or get a parent to start reading it too you, great!  If you haven't got a copy see if the Library (details on how to join are in week 4) has it or use this copy here.  

If you can't get to reading it, see if you can watch the film.  But don't worry if not you'll still be able to do all the work - the main thing you are going to need next half term is your imagination!

Learning Objectives and timetable