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week 5 : May 18th

Hello to you all,


I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed this half term’s learning and are looking forward to a fun half term break. I am really interested to see what you have been doing this half term, so if you can please share. I’ve really enjoyed being able to speak to some of you on the phone and I am happy to hear that you are keeping yourselves safe and busy. I’m intrigued to know what you will be doing during your break.

I’ve started to do some running so I hope that when I’m able to see you again that I’ll be able to run faster than some of you in a race. Fingers crossed!

Think about what new things you have learnt at home that you’ll be able to show off to your friends when we are back at school, I’m sure there’s loads! I hope you enjoy this last week of the Commotion in the Ocean topic and as ever if there is something you want to show us, email it across. We always enjoy seeing what you have all been doing.


All the best to you all


Miss Chauhan, Mrs O’Malley and Miss Moore


P.S next half term our topic is 'Could it be Magic?' and we will be looking into the world of fantasy and magic with a focus on Harry Potter.  So... if you want to get reading the book or get a parent to start reading it too you, great!  If you haven't got a copy see if the Library (details on how to join are in week 4) has it or use this copy here.  

If you can't get to reading it, see if you can watch the film.  But don't worry if not you'll still be able to do all the work - the main thing you are going to need next half term is your imagination!

Learning Objectives and timetable