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Week 5: June 29th

Another week of brilliant sunshine. We were covered in sun cream to protect us from the sun.
We will be holding a zoom story soon for you all, so look out for the invite. 🎟🎭🎤

Next week we are listening to a very funny story about a cat with a magic hat.We decided to find things to be used in a different way to have fun. What do you think?

Miss Dattani has her washing basket hat, air fan hairdryer and frying pan guitar.
Mrs Essex has joined with her daughter to model lampshade hats.
Ms Moore is sure having lots of fun on her ironing board surfing the waves.
Miss Charlton uses pencils like a violin, models a necklace and a most impressive moustache and goatee beard.


We wonder what you could find to use in an unusual way. Send us your pictures, we would love to see them.

Maybe check out the library for new books with their Silly Squad reading challenge. It is free and available for everyone.


Stay safe and busy

Ms Moore, Mrs Essex, Miss Dattani and Miss Charlton

Learning Objectives