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Week 5: June 29th


Hello Year 1


I hope you are all well and keeping safe. It was lovely last week for those children to join us on our Zoom lesson, don’t worry if you didn’t make it we have uploaded it to the website for you watch. We had such fun doing it!

I have had a busy week, I have seen some of you in school which was lovely and I have spoken to some of you on the phone too. It was lovely to chat and hear about what you have been doing.

At home we have been busy too. We have been doing some work on our garden when it hasn’t been raining and some of our fruit and vegetables have started to grow.

Can you tell what these are?



We have been doing lots of crafty bits, I have been sewing and Grace has been drawing and we have made pizza.



Which pizza do you think is Emma’s and which do you think is Grace’s?


I have even managed to find time for a quiet cup of tea and cuddle with my dog, Holly.



Stay safe, keep working hard and have lots of fun.

Big Hugs

Mrs Postlethwaite

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