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Week 5: June 29th


Hello Year 6,


How is it the penultimate week of the school year already? I can barely believe how long it has been now since we’ve all been together.


As the end of the year approaches, it’s been great to reflect on all that we did achieve as a year group. From where we started, you all grew and matured so much, worked incredibly hard and I know that you would have all been more than ready to tackle your SATs.


I know that it feels like this should be a sad time. But, thinking back, I want you instead to remember the fun memories of amazing lessons that we did, topics that engaged us and the fantastic books that we read. You should think back to the proud memories of the progress you made – from little day-to-day progress to big milestones and achievements. Every single one of you developed so much this year and, now more so than ever, it’s important to reflect on all of the positives.


Whatever happens next, know that myself and the other Year 6 staff are all incredibly proud of the people that you’ve become and we know that you’ll all do brilliantly at your new secondary schools. I sincerely hope that we can find a way to have a reunion in the future and get a chance to all get together again.


If I don’t speak to you before, have a great summer holiday, stay positive and know that we’re always rooting for you all.

Mr Barwell


Hello Year 6,


How are you all? I hope you are all still having a go at the home learning to keep those brains ticking!


If you are reading this and still have your iPad, it must be returned to school straight away. We have several not sent in and it is weeks since the deadline we set. 

We need to check the equipment and organise the return of deposits. 


Do contact school if there is a problem.


Miss Jackson


Hi Year 6,


Well it’s coming to the end of a crazy year now for all of you. I hope that you have all kept safe and well and that all of your families are well. I think we can honestly say at the beginning of this year that no one would have expected this to be how the end of the year would turn out. It is one that none of us will ever forget.

It is a shame that this will be the goodbye from myself and Mr Barwell as well as, Miss Jackson, Mrs Connolly and Mr Hughes. It is not one by choice.


We would have loved to have seen you on the last week, to say our goodbyes but also for you to catch up and chat with your friends before moving on. I am sure that we will definitely be arranging something for September so we can give you a proper ending to year 6.


We have had some great memories in the time that you were in year 6. I know I have in Ebony ( Mo Esa and his answers for all questions. Yusuf managing even on a table on his own to talk to someone and poor Dhruv with his cushion trying desperately to write with his left hand.)  I am sure Mr Barwell has in Copper.

One thing my memories of you all have given me is what a caring class I had, who would help each other without me having to ask or prompt.


From the emails I have received you have been working hard on your home learning, which will help you get ready for secondary school. I am sure that many of you  have learnt new skills which you may have not before. It could be loading and putting on the washing machine or dishwasher. Changing your bed covers. helping the adults with  food shopping or cooking. Whatever you have been doing it is all part of learning skills that you will take with you wherever you go in the world.


We did have some fun and laughs along the way and I will treasure those memories.

All the luck for the future and hopefully I will see you in September. J Miss Benson


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