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week 5 : 18th May

Hello to all our fabulous F2 children!


Welcome to our last week of term! Hope you have enjoyed our topic of Commotion in the Ocean.

Here are a few things we have been doing this week:


Mrs Sonpal has been incorporating mindfulness activities into her daily routine. She has used Hama Beads to create a Rainbow. She has done some mindful artwork and listened to some soothing music to meditate. What have you been doing to look after yourself?


Miss Roberts has been busy gardening and cutting her topiary into different shapes. Which 3D shapes can you see?


Ms Farnish has been doing lots of running and she even managed to run 5k several times! She has also been doing her home learning with Open University courses and been knitting with her daughter. Which activities have you enjoyed doing from your home learning pack?


Mrs Furlong has been decorating her home and has been to the vet hospital with her cat Romeo. He had to stay for two nights because he was very poorly but he is back home now safe and sound. Get well soon Romeo!

Mrs Iqbal has been fasting because for Muslims it is their holy month of Ramadan. Fasting means when you do not eat or drink anything from when the sun rises in the morning until the sun sets at night time. It has been long days but she has also been doing lots of prayers and making food to give to her family and friends to eat when they break their fast.


All the teachers are missing you more and more each day! Here is a little message from us all.



They say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ we thought we would give you both.


Keep emailing pictures of your wonderful home learning to:  with the name of your teacher in the subject box.



Have a fantastic week and a lovely half term!


Mrs Iqbal, Mrs Sonpal, Miss Roberts, Ms Farnish and Mrs Furlong.


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