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week 4 : May 11th


I hope you are all still keeping safe and well. It has been lovely speaking to you and looking at all the work you have been doing. I love seeing your pictures and the fantastic work you have done. I am really proud at how you have been using the website to do all the fun things we have planned for you!

Grace, Emma and I have been really keeping busy. We have been baking cakes, making bread and we even made a healthy fruit salad.



They have been doing there school work ( and so have I) but also doing lots of fun activities. It is important that you have some fun too. Here are some of the things we have done.

  • Built a den inside on rainy day
  • Made a button mermaid
  • Played board games
  • Shared a book together
  • And they even made a pirate ship to float in the bath!



Hopefully I will see you all very soon. Stay safe and take care

Miss you lots

Mrs Postlethwaite


Learning Objectives and timetable