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week 4 : May 11th

Ahoy there Year 2 mateys!


We are missing you all so much but we have been so amazed and overwhelmed by the learning you have been doing at home. I have really enjoyed looking at some of your pictures of all your learning but also all of the other skills you have been practising too!


This week I have also been doing a lot of cooking and baking. I have been trying out new recipes and seeing how healthy I can make them. I have been putting lots of fruit on top of the cakes to add a little layer of sweetness and I also made some sugar free brownies for my VE bake. They were so tasty. I wonder what you decided to bake.


I have been researching lots over this week. I looked a little bit more about how pirates spoke to each other this week. I knew they said “arrrr” and “ahoy” a lot but I didn’t know they had lots of words that meant different things. It was like they had their own language. Avast it is your turn to have a look at some of these words and phrases. I also researched about sea creatures too like you did. I found so much out about whales that I didn’t already know and I was really fascinated to learn about echolocation. It made me think whales must be really good at hide and seek because they can find where anyone is!


I’ve also been doing a lot of reading at night time (in my pyjamas). I have been reading lots of books that I think you will enjoy like Winnie and Wilbur go to the seaside, Mrs Wobble the Waitress, Mog did a bad thing and Kipper.


For this week’s challenge I would like you to make your own pirate musical instrument. Music on a pirate ship was a really big part of their day and they usually used mandolins, fiddle (violin), flute and drums. Think about what materials you could use, and how your instrument is going to make a sound. Will the instrument need string?

I wish you a fair wind forever and always,

Miss Ballard

Learning Objectives and timetable