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week 4 : May 11th

Dear Children,


We trust that you are all well and keeping positive. You are all doing so well and everyone at Hope Hamilton is extremely proud of you!

I am learning to play the piano. Learning something new is brilliant but also challenging. Sometimes, I find it difficult and feel discouraged. My playing is quite slow and often I hit the wrong notes! But I am learning to encourage myself; I think about what I need to do to get better. So I focus on one part at a time and I practise a lot. It’s hard work but when I see my progress I feel proud of myself.

It’s like that when you’re learning. We need to keep cheering ourselves on.

I have also been reading some very exciting books about sea life on They have a free e library and you can find all sorts of books.


There are lots of different books to choose from and you are sure to learn something new and exciting. Reading is always a good choice!

Please remember, the learning should be fun and needs to fit in with your home life, so do what you can, and don’t worry if you don’t get it all done or want to adapt things.


We look forward to seeing or hearing about anything you have learnt.


We will be in touch again soon, take care.


Mrs Lydiate and Mr Finn



You can also get online books, comics and magazines from the library, 

Not a member?  Join – follow this link  to register.  You will get a card number and pin so you access their resources.


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