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Week 4: June 22nd


Hi Year 2!


Great news! All your hard work on finding out about Mr Tod the Fox has helped me to protect my vegetables. I now know that he is a nocturnal mammal, which is why I haven’t seen him in the day time. He is asleep during the day and only out at night-time! Thankfully, my vegetables are now happy and growing well because of the netting I used last time – and although Mr Tod is an omnivore, I know that my potatoes aren’t his favourite food really!


This week I have also added 2 big compost heaps to my garden to help recycle old food, leaves and grass cuttings from my lawn. They look like giant plastic bins!  The huge plastic drums will become homes for lots of worms and minibeasts who will eat the food trimmings (like my potato peelings!) and break them down into good, healthy soil. I can use this soil on my garden to help the flowers and the vegetables grow! I’m looking forward to spotting which minibeasts visit my garden and seeing if I can work out what creatures they are!


So far I have seen:



Can you identify these minibeasts for me?


For this weeks challenge, have a walk through a garden, park, woodland or forest. Look in dark, damp places, or under stones or rocks. What mini-beasts can you find? See if you can draw or film them and then identify them when you get home. Have fun!


Enjoy your learning this week. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of you completing your activities!

Stay safe,

Mrs Leedham

Learning Objectives and Timetable