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week 3 : May 4th

Hi Year 5 and 6!

In a class at school, children are at very different levels in different subjects. That’s normal –just like it’s normal for everyone to physically grow at different rates. Teachers do a lot of work to carefully judge who needs to learn what and how. Whilst home learning, you are all getting work at the same level so some may be a bit hard and some too easy. Look for places where there is an easier option or a challenge. Try to research things you aren’t sure about or want to learn more about. If you are stuck, just make a note in your self-assessment grid and know that when you do return to school, teachers will help you to tackle those tricky areas. You can always look at work for a lower year group to revise skills and knowledge.

It does say something on the website about this, but I wanted to reassure you that it isn’t a problem if you can’t print bits off. It’s not the easiest time to get hold of paper and ink and it is expensive. Wherever and however you do your work will be fine.

Lastly I wanted to share my personal thinking that’s come about during the lock down – especially as we are thinking about life in the 1940s as VE Day approaches.

Lockdown is a lonely time for many. It is scary to see the impact of an illness which governments are racing to get control of. For many people, the lockdown is frustrating, with temptation to break the social isolation rules. But I was thinking about what life must have been like for families during World War 2. Men would have been sent off to fight, not knowing if they would return. Children might have been sent away (evacuated) from their home to live with strangers in a more quiet location. People would struggle to get enough food for their families because of rationing. I reminded myself that when I had to stand in a supermarket queue then couldn’t get some eggs. That’s nothing compared to the difficulties people faced getting what they needed in the 1940s. And whilst we are at home with toys, TVs, books, the internet etc., we don’t need to be frightened about the possibility of bombs landing.

I never got to ask my grandparents about how their life was affected by war. But finding out about it really makes me realise – even in such strange times as now – how lucky we are.

I hope that you fancy looking at the VE Day activities this week. Do send us anything you are proud of learning and doing.

Take care all. We all miss you,

Miss Jackson

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