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Week 3: June 15th


Hello F2! How have you been?


This week in our learning we are thinking all about our feelings! At times like these when there is a lot of change, some people can feel sad or anxious.


Adults and children can feel this way and it is totally normal. This week our teachers wanted to share with you what they do to make themselves feel better when they are feeling sad or anxious. What do you and people in your house do to look after their mind?


“Hi children! This week I have been caring for my new cockapoo puppy Ringo. When I am feeling a little bit sad or a bit grumpy, cuddling Ringo and my 2 cats makes me feel lovely and calm. They make me feel happy and cheer me up. Sometimes I go for a little walk to get some fresh air to keep my brain active.”-Mrs Furlong


“The way I calm myself down is by talking to my mum or sister-talking to people about how you feel is very important. I also make sure I take a break and have some quiet time to myself or do something I enjoy.”- Mrs Sonpal



“If I am feeling down I take myself out for a nice long run, exercise is really good for your mind as well as your body. When I am on my run I get to see how beautiful nature can be. Looking at nature is also very helpful to calm your mind down.” – Miss Farnish



“When I am feeling sad or worried I try to do something mindful to calm my mind. My favourite mindful technique is to use a glitter bottle. I spin it around and watch the glitter swirl. Concentrating on that one thing distracts my mind from anything that is worrying me.”-Mrs Iqbal


“Hi everyone! Knowing how to look after your mind when you feel upset is so important! There are so many things you can do. My favourite thing to help me when I feel sad or anxious is to do a mindful meditation. It helps my mind focus on something other than what is upsetting me. If you want to try one this is one of my favourites: 

 It’s called cosy cats! Snuggling with my cats always helps me feel better, I also make sure I speak to someone about how I am feeling.”-Miss Roberts


A nice way to calm your mind is to read a book and escape into a story! Have a look at the Silly Squid Summer Reading challenge!



Take Care of yourselves and your families!

Lots of positive wishes from

Mrs Furlong, Miss Farnish, Mrs Iqbal, Mrs Sonpal and Miss Roberts

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