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Week 3: June 15th


Hello to you all


What a week of wet weather we have had. We hope you were able to find your wellies and have a fantastic splash in some puddles.


We have been chatting about how we are learning new things and improving our skills.

What new things have you been trying? 


Ms Moore has been in her garden and created a pond. She is hoping to see different minibeasts enjoying her garden too. Can you see the bug hotel behind the pond?


Miss Dattani has experimented with different flavours in her muffins. She has tried white chocolate chip, caramel and lemon. She told us she thought lemon flavour was the best.Miss Dattani has been extra busy as she is also trying to improve her drawing skills.



Miss Charlton has found her violin in the loft and has been trying to get it back in tune to practise some easy tunes again. She said it has been difficult but she is going to keep trying.



Mrs Essex has carefully looked after the seeds she planted and now they are blooming. She told us she moved them into bigger pots and are making her garden look so colourful.



Don’t forget to emails us to let us know about all the new skills and activities you are learning.


Stay safe everyone.


Ms Moore, Miss Dattani, Miss Charlton and Mrs Essex.

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