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Week 3: June 15th

Hello Year 2,


I hope you are all okay. I wonder what information you have been able to find out about Mrs Leedham’s Mr Fox. I found out that a female Fox is called a Vixen and a male fox is called a dog fox or tod. I wonder which one is ruining her garden.


 I have been doing lots of learning about Florence Nightingale just like you have in History. I was so interested to found out all about her. She was amazing for our health care and nurses and it just reminded me what an amazing job our nurses are doing at the moment. What did you manage to find out? What did you learn?


This week has been very exciting in my house because we picked up our new puppy called Gino. Gino is 8 weeks old and is a French bull dog. He is only very small and he is a grey colour that we call lilac brindle. We are trying to train him at the moment. He sleeps a lot and cries quite a lot when I leave him because he’s like a little baby and needs me to look after him. We are also getting him used to going to the toilet in the garden so he is having lots of treats to reward him when he goes to the toilet outside.  He can’t go out for walks at the moment because he hasn’t had his second vaccination yet. His vaccinations will help him to stay safe and not catch harmful dog illness and diseases. Here are some pictures of Gino. I wonder what pets you all have?




Why don’t you have a think about pets, what do they need to survive?

Your home is their habitat but if they were to live in the wild, what would they need in their habitat to survive? Could they live off just plants? Where would they shelter?

I can’t wait to hear what you find out.


Miss Ballard


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