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week 3: June 15th


Hi Year 6,


The past few weeks have been filled with so much change and so much uncertainty. The adults within the school planning and changing things lots of different times as this national situation changes and it’s been hard for us to keep up.


Despite this, I’ve been so grateful to still hear from so many of you via email: it’s been a welcome bit of normality! I’m so impressed with how positive you’ve all been throughout all of this and it’s been wonderful to hear about all of the exciting things that you’ve been doing at home.


When I haven’t been at school, my daughter has been keeping me really busy at home! I’ve also been trying my hand at some gardening and going on walks to local places that I’d never had the time to visit before. I was also really pleased that the local basketball courts are now open again (although my shooting is VERY rusty now and I certainly need to practice more!)


Don’t forget that your reports are out next week; I hope you’re all interested to see what we’ve said about you… If you haven’t done so already, please also remember that iPads, school reading books and your CGP revision books need returning to school.


Well done again for being so fantastic throughout all of this and I hope to see you all again soon.

All the best,
Mr Barwell

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