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week 3 : 4th May

Ahoy to all our F2 children!


Hope you are all enjoying our “Commotion in the Ocean” topic as much as we are!


We have a challenge for you this week! We have been thinking of some riddles for you to solve. See if you can guess which sea creature we are talking about! A clue I can give you is that some are real sea creatures and some are imaginary!


Can you guess who Miss Farnish is talking about?


“I have no legs

I speak with a click

My skin is smooth & grey

I move in & out of the water chasing boats.

Fish is my favourite food.

What am I?”



Who is Mrs Iqbal describing?


“I have 10 legs.

I have two claws.

They pinch whatever they grab.

I go sideways when I walk.

What am I?”


What sea creature could Mrs Sonpal be riddling about?


“I am in the sky and in the sea.

I do not have gills but I live under water.

I am a common shape.

I have 5 arms.

What am I?”


I wonder who Mrs Furlong is thinking of…?


“Who has beautiful hair, a pretty face, two arms and no legs?”


Finally what creature is Miss Roberts describing?


“I use ink but cannot write.

I can stick on hard or drift about.

I have three hearts.

I have 8 arms but cannot juggle.

What am I?”


I will list the answers in order at the bottom!


How has everyone’s week been? What have you been up to?

Here is an update on what Teachers have been doing…


Mrs Sonpal has been baking some lovely treats! “ I have been busy cooking with my daughter and trying out new recipes. We have made Smarties cookies, Bounty Bars, Tray bake cake and Chocolate cornflake cakes. What have you been cooking?”













Mrs Iqbal has been keeping fit with Joe Wicks! Have you been joining in too?



Mrs Furlong has kept on trend and coloured some sea creatures! So neat Mrs Furlong J















Mrs Farnish has had fun making lots of new resources ready of foundation.

She also used Skype & had a quiz with her family, “unfortunately I didn’t win “ she said!


Miss Roberts has also been trying to keep healthy by running every day! “ I am getting better but my legs are very sore.” How does your body feel after exercise?


We have loved seeing your work you have sent in! Keep up the good work!

Make sure to say a big thank you to whoever is helping you with your learning at home!


We miss you all lots and lots!

Take care

 Best Fishes

(nice sea themed pun there )


Miss Roberts, Mrs Sonpal, Mrs Furlong , Miss Farnish , Mrs Iqbal



Answers to the riddles






Learning Objectives