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Week 2: June 8th

Dear Year 3,

  I hope this message finds you all well and you've had a lovely weekend. 

  We've now completed the first week of our new topic all about magic and Harry Potter. We hope you managed to find some magical and exciting activities to do last week, especially from the home learning website. 

  I've managed to learn a very simple card trick last week which I've been trying out on my family members and it's worked each time. So I hope I might be able to try it out on some of you in the future. 

  I wonder if you could find a magic trick from a book or website that you could practice and then maybe try out on your family. If it works, you'll have to let us know. 

   Have you managed to start reading any of the Harry Potter books yet? They're a great read and full of adventure. Remember you can download the first story from our home learning website. 

  As always, stay safe and take care, 

    Mr Finn, Mrs Lydiate and Miss Moore.

Learning Objectives and Timetable