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Week 2: June 8th

Hello all,


I hope you’ve really enjoyed starting your new topic, ‘Could it be magic?’. I loved Harry Potter when I was your age and the series is still up with some of my favourites. One of things I really enjoyed about Harry Potter was that as the books came out, I was always near the same age as the characters! My favourite character was always Hermione and I’ve even been sorted into Gryffindor. Who is your favourite character and which house do you think you would be in?


I’ve still kept up with my running and have started doing different routes now so I can find interesting things around my house. I wonder what new things you have noticed near your homes while you’ve been out walking. I know I’m noticing things that I haven’t before.


I hope you have started reading Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone! One of the reading challenges I’ve set for myself is to read the whole series again. I’m really enjoying it! I hope I’ll be able to see you before the end of the year so you can tell me all about what you have all been doing. Fingers crossed!


Take care


Miss Chauhan, Mrs O’Malley and Miss Moore

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