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Week 2: June 8th


Hello children,


I’ve been busy gardening this week, mowing the lawn and watering all the plants, flowers and trees. It’s been so warm they’re all very thirsty. I love watching all the insects and creatures around the garden. 


Does anyone know what plant this is? It has big, green leaves, long shoots and white flowers? It’s a strawberry plant! Strawberries are my favourite fruit. I’ve been looking after it for a couple of months now, watching it grow. It takes a lot of patience. If you look closely you might be able to see the beginnings of a green strawberry coming out from the middle of the flower! 


I was a bit curious to see how long the shoot was, so I did a bit of measuring with my tape measure. I measured from the stem of the plant, all the way to the tip. How long do you think it was? Have a guess! It was 26cms long! Can you find something that is longer than 26cms (the shoot of my strawberry plant)?


A challenge for you this week is to plant your own seed. We have some in school if you let us know if you’d like to collect one. We will need it to help with our learning in tv e next couple of weeks.


I’ve also been practicing hand washing with Arabella. We used warm water and soap to wash lots of her toys and to teach them too. 


I’m looking forward to seeing how your planting goes! I wonder what will grow from our seeds.


Keep up the fabulous work.


Miss Whitby


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