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Week 2: June 8th


Hello year 2!


How have you found the first week of our enchanted woodland? I wonder if any of you cooked up new, delicious drinks or made invisibility potions? I’m excited to see your learning – remember to send any work to so that Miss Ballard and I can have a look too!


This week we are thinking about what it might be like in a forest or a wood, and what creatures and animals we might see. Although I do not live in a forest, I have had some problems at home with woodland creatures!


Have you ever seen a fox? I’m trying to grow my own vegetables in my garden to eat later in the year, but Mr Fox decided that he wants to eat my vegetables now! In the middle of the night he went for a walk into my garden. He dug up my potatoes and walked all over my little baby courgette plants. Now they are all squashed! I couldn’t believe it! In the picture you can see I have had to put a huge net around my crops to protect them. I used lots of sticks to hold the netting high up in the air. Thankfully, the net still gives enough space for the plants to grow, water to get to their roots and sunshine to give them food and energy. My fingers are crossed that Mr Fox won’t eat all my vegetables now! We will have to wait and see what happens…


I think I might need to do some more learning about foxes! Maybe you could help me? Perhaps you could find out some fascinating facts about a fox?

Where might he be living? What is his habitat? What is his micro-habitat? What special skills does he have? Why haven’t I seen him in the day-time? Is his favourite food really Mrs Leedham’s potatoes?!

I can’t wait to hear your suggestions!


Good luck with your learning this week year 2! We all hope to see you soon.


Mrs Leedham

Learning Objectives and Timetable