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week 2 : April 27th

Hi Year 5 and 6!

I hope that you are all well and managing to try the home learning activities. If you find a task hard, just give it a go or find something else on the timetable to try instead. I’ve tried to put plenty of tasks so there is an element of choice. For example, see the ideas right down at the bottom of the timetable. If you really are struggling with lots of the tasks, you could always look at the year group below. There’s nothing wrong with that; we often revise LOs from previous year groups in school, to check that topics and skills are remembered.


It’s hard to concentrate at home sometimes, when there are family members doing different things around the house. The sunshine outside and the TV inside are temptations too. I am following a timetable where I try to work for a period of time then allow myself a break to watch something or go into the garden.


I mentioned in an email that I’m really enjoying getting to spend some extra time with my daughter, Persephone, who is two. But she is very very demanding! At the moment, she is obsessed with climbing – which usually involves then falling off something! I have to watch her every single minute to make sure she is not up to mischief!


I miss all of you and really enjoy hearing about what you are up to. Teachers are trying to make a phone calls to each of you from this week onwards, just to say ‘hi’ and ask if you’re okay. We are doing it when it’s our turn to teach in school so it will take a while to reach you all. We will try our best to chat to you in the next few weeks.


Keep pushing yourself to revise and learn but make sure you are relaxing enough too.


Take care,

Miss Jackson