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week 2 : April 27th

Hello Year 2!

We can’t wait to see you all and we have been absolutely amazed by some of the work you are doing at home. Keep it up!

The sun is still shining brightly and I have been enjoying lots of time in my garden or at the farm in the fresh air, I hope you are getting outside too. I’ve been going to visit Panda the horse a lot at the farm and he has been getting very excited lately as he has seen more of me. He also loves eating grass at the moment because in the spring the grass has more sugar in it so it tastes sweeter when he eats it. His belly is definitely showing how much he loves it too. There are also lots of new lambs at the farm. Here is my favourite lamb called Larry.


I have been completing some of your challenges. I haven’t got any non-fiction books at home so I read about pirates on the internet and I have 3 facts that I have learnt. The skull and bones flag on a pirate ship is called a “Jolly Roger”. The word pirate actually means sailor or sea robber. This is my favourite fact. The first rulers to have an army to fight against pirates were Minoan Crete. I love this fact because Crete is my favourite island, I used to live there for half of the year before I became a teacher. I can’t wait to hear some of the interesting facts you have learnt. I also did one of your measuring challenges. I chose to measure panda and I used the palm of my hand to measure how tall he was. He was 14 of my palms stacked on top of each other. Did you know that is how people actually measure how big a horse is? They don’t use cms they use hands.


I hope you had lots of fun dressing like a pirate last week!


For this week’s challenge I would like you to make a role play area pirate ship big enough for you to fit in. You could use a trampoline, a box, part of your sofa. Be creative and use your imagination.


Good luck!

Miss Ballard