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Week 1: June 1st

Hello all,

Well come back after half term.  I hope you had a great time!  I have enjoyed walking my dogs in the sunshine, the only problem is that when we get home they are really tired and sleep and then snore - I can hardly hear the T.V! 

I have been outside enjoying my garden.  I have been watching the birds and insects coming in and out of it.  Have you been observing any nature?  When you stop and look I am surprised at how much there is.

I was going to start decorating part of my house, but the lovely weather made me want to stay outside, so I haven't got very far with it!  Is there anything you thought you would do but haven't?

We are looking forward to to this half term's learning and being able to read Harry Potter.  We hope to perhaps be able to see you all before the end of the year, fingers crossed.

Take care all of you,

Mrs O'Malley, Miss Chauhan and Miss Moore

Lesson Objectives and Timetable