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Week 1: June 1st


Hello F2!

We hope you all had a peaceful and restful half term.


Over half term Miss Farnish has been getting a new drive way fitted! It was very noisy work so she has been relaxing by putting in her headphones and enjoying the sun!


Mrs Iqbal celebrated Eid this week which was very exciting! She put Eid decorations up in her house and made lots of delicious food. How did you celebrate Eid?

Mrs Furlong has been celebrating her daughter’s graduation from university! Wow! Well done to Abigail! She has also been skipping every day to keep healthy!


Miss Roberts has finally got her new kittens! She has been waiting a long time for them to come home and this week they finally did! Their names are Diplo and Milo!


Now here we are at the start of the second half of summer term!

This terms topic is “Could it be Magic”.

What is magic? Do you know any stories about magic? What is magical to you?

We think your wonderful work  and positive attitudes are very magical! J


These past few months certainly have been a bit different to a normal school term to say the least. We found a lovely story called Pete stays home. It’s all about a bear who can’t go outside because it is time to hibernate…a bit like we have had to stay in our homes. When it is finally time to come out of hibernation Pete is actually very nervous! I think lots of people can relate to how Pete feels. How have you been feeling?


We still miss you all very much! We can’t wait till we can all see each other again.

Take Care and Stay Magical!


Miss Roberts, Mrs Iqbal, Mrs Furlong, Miss Farnish, Mrs Sonpal




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