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Week 1: June 1st


Hey there Year 2’s,


I hope you had a lovely half term and enjoyed some time in the sun and the garden. I spent quite a lot of time in the garden reading and listening to all the birds singing. I also have been looking through some really old photographs and I found an old photograph of my late grandma and grandad getting married. This is the first photo I have ever saw of my grandad as he passed away when my dad was very little so I was really excited to see it. They got married a very long time ago so the picture is in black and white but it’s still very interesting. Do you think I look like any of them?



Myself and Mrs Leedham are missing you so much but we are really excited to introduce this half terms topic to you.


This Half terms topic is called Enchanted woodland. Woodland areas can be so pretty full with beautiful flowers, lots of different types of trees and of course lots of different animals including mini-beasts. This peaceful, tranquil wildlife is what really makes woodlands enchanted although my niece believes what makes a wood enchanted is that its where fairies live. We are going to be doing lots of learning about plants and mini-beast habitats. I have been doing lots of walks around my home, not quite in the woods but there is lots of wildlife and in my garden I found this little fellow.




These are hedgehogs, we have quite a lot of hedgehogs near me and I know we have some baby hedgehogs in my neighbour’s garden so hopefully when they get a little bigger they will come into my garden. What shall we call these hedgehogs?

For this week’s challenge I would like you to draw, paint or make an animal you might find in the woods its completely up to you what animal you choose and it’s up to you how you choose to make or draw it.


Good Luck,


Miss Ballard

Learning Objectives and Timetable