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week 1 : April 20th

Hello Year 2!

We miss you all and we hope that you have been enjoying your time at home and the learning that you have been doing. The weather has been lovely and I hope you have been out in the sunshine too. My cat loves the hotter weather. In the picture you can see him stretched out in the sunshine, fast asleep sunbathing! He’s enjoying finding places in the house to curl up where it is warm. He needs a pair of sunglasses!

The trees have also been showing us some wonderful signs of spring. Can you see the delicate pink blossom on one of the trees in my garden, like little petals? It smells so fragrant. I have also noticed lots of smaller plants that are flowering. I saw daffodils, tulips and lovely, small blue flowers called ‘Forget-me-nots’. Did you notice any signs of spring?

I also completed some of the Easter challenges we set you. I tried to make my own bird feeder to help the birds get some food over the Easter holiday. I used a milk bottle and made some bird seed balls. It was very messy but great fun! I have seen some beautiful birds coming to eat from the feeder like robins and chaffinches. Robins have a bright red patch on their tummies, so it is easy to spot them! I wonder what your bird feeders look like.

This half term we will be learning about one of my favourite topics – Pirates! Arrrrrr! It will be an exciting term learning some pirate stories, creating treasure maps… We have lots of fantastic learning to do!

Your first challenge this week is to… dress up like a pirate. What will your costume be? I can’t wait to see what you create!

Good luck!

Mrs Leedham