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Visits and visitors

School visits are a vital part of the children's experience. Children learn best by getting out into the world around them and experiencing it at first hand. We aim to include a visit out of school or visitors into school into every topic. This does, of course, depend on the support of parents.


Health and safety is paramount, but we don’t allow this to deter us from providing children with a rich and exciting range of experiences from which they can learn. We aim to include some experience of the outside world, through a visit into school or out of school, as part of every topic.


Visits usually take place as a whole school over one or two days. Groups of six mixed age children and one adult work together on tasks and older children help to support the younger ones - a bit like a family outing.Every visit has clear learning objectives and is closely linked to classroom activities.


Children get a great deal out of these visits, including collaborative skills, independence and, especially for the younger ones, the confidence to venture out into the world without mum or dad.


The older children also get the chance to take part in a residential visit, which for many is their first experience of being away from home.