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Mental Health


This is probably one of the biggest challenges for children at the moment. Here are some links that might help:

A few ideas that might help you with home learning

Brain Breaks


 Brain breaks are a way of changing or focussing the mental state of the learner. It should be short  (2 - 5 minutes) and can include a range of activities including short physical activities. there are some ideas here for things you can try at home when your child is losing focus or finding it difficult to concentrate.

                                           Physical activity

Visual Timetables


It helps children to know what is going to happen in their day and how long things will last - just as it helps adults. 

Start with NOW and NEXT

Now we will  . . . then next we will . . . 

Then progress to making a pictorial timetable of the day - with your child - - - include in this a photo of mum / dad working - these are the times when your child needs to be independent an use their independent learning strategies, 'basket activities' (look out for our resources on this) - and meals and breaks. 

Print off just one set of the cards and spend ten minutes each morning making the day's timetable. 

If your child finds it hard to focus, it really helps to be able to say - in ten minutes you will be . . . . but now I need you to . ..  

Include cards for things you know your child likes doing as breaks or rewards. 



Google Classroom prompt cards

These may be useful for younger children whilst they are learning to use Google Classroom. 

Emotional Check ins


In school we use these for children to share how they are feeling and ask for help when they need it. You'll find lots of versions available on 10,000 Top Mood Board Teaching Resources ( 

Here's Oliver helping Violet to use their own mood board at home.

Independent Learning


In school, we encourage children to try to work out problems for themselves before they ask an adult for help. Here are some of the things they are encouraged to do. If you can, stick a copy of this on the wall near where they work - or use it a s a mouse mat.

Learner Qualities

These also help children to be independent learners. We use these pictures to remind the children of what these are. This terms collective worship also included time to reflect on these.