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Uni afternoons

SO - what are uni afternoons?


Following the school’s early days in a mobile classroom with 30 children aged 5 to 9, both parents and staff were impressed by the impact on the children of mixed age teaching. Together we decided this had to be a vital part of the school.

This has developed into our University Afternoons. Each half term, children can choose from a wide range of activities


Each half term children choose from a range of activities across the school. Children have the chance to develop a range of interests and skills from staff and specialists from outside school in mixed age groups, according to the activity.

Gifted and talented children are able to pursue their talents and children who struggle in literacy and numeracy can pursue their talents in other areas.


Activities include:


arts and crafts







forest schools


sign language




The younger children know they can rely on the older children for support and encouragement and the older children benefit from the opportunity to be responsible for younger children and to explain their learning to a willing audience. This approach adds to the family feel of our school and children name others from all over the school as their friends.


It also underpins our inclusive ethos, as children of all abilities have the opportunity to work with others, becoming more accepting of difference and more confident in their social interactions.



"When pupils of all ages, from the oldest in the Foundation Stage to Year 6, are taught together they relish the opportunities of learning from each other."

Ofsted 2006

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