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Monday 11th May

Doing the right thing

The story of Noah (Genesis, chapters 6, 7 & 8), is probably familiar to many of us. I often wonder though, how Noah felt when God told him to build an ark. Firstly, nobody even knew what an ark was supposed to look like. Secondly, just imagine all of the hard work that must have been involved in gathering all of the wood, materials, other resources and food needed to complete the huge task; Noah must have been exhausted! Thirdly, we are told that whilst he was busy building the ark, many people came along to laugh at him and his silly idea. How embarrassing it must have been for him and his family to be laughed at every day. I wonder whether he ever felt like giving up or shouting back at his tormentors; I think I might have! Noah however, did not give up. He chose to trust and obey God, even though it must have been very difficult at times, and God saved him.


Making the right choice in life is very important for us all, though it is not always easy! Here are some good choices that will help us to get along with others: kindness, patience and respect. How many more words can you add to this list?


Make a door handle hanger. You will need a strip of card with a hook shape cut out at the top, so that you can hang it over a door handle. On the front, you can create a design using these words to remind you: DO WHAT IS RIGHT, NOT WHAT IS EASY.


A Morning Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for this brand new day.

Help me to appreciate the beauty of your creation.

Remind me to be thankful for the people who look after us and keep us safe.

I ask that you will help me to make good choices and guide me in everything that I do today.

Help me to treat everyone kindly, fairly and thoughtfully.

Please watch over my family and friends and everybody at my school.

Remind me of your great love for me if I get too busy to remember,

And keep me safe.


Sunday 10th May

Matthew 28:20 – I am with you always. - When we feel scared and lonely, we can remember God loves us and he's always with us - even if we can't see him!

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Saturday 9th May

Remember I told you about the robins in my garden? Well they had babies! We found the nest in a tree after they'd flown. They don't know about Coronavirus - or schools being closed - or lockdown - all they know is that life goes on so they went ahead and laid their eggs, kept them safe from our cat (who is very curious) until they hatched, then fed them on maggots and flies until they were strong enough to fly off and start their own lives.


Here's some pictures of them.

Can you spot which one's aren't robins?

Can you find out what they are? 

The last picture is a wren's nest. We didn't see the baby wrens though. Can you find a picture of a wren? They are VERY tiny. 

See if you can see any birds out of your window. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Friday 8th May

Matthew 5:14 – You are the light of the world. - Are you doing something to make someone's day a bit brighter?


Thursday 7th May

The Light of the World

Light is very important to us and it is essential for our planet’s existence. How many different types of light can you think of?

Many religions use the symbol of light to represent the power and goodness of God over darkness and evil. Can you name at least two religions that use’ light’ in their celebrations?

In the bible, Jesus tells us that he is ‘The Light of the World’. Spend a moment or two thinking about what this might mean.

At school we enjoy singing ‘My Lighthouse’ and are reminded that God’s love is like a light ‘shining in the darkness’. When we sing, ‘He will carry me safe to shore’, we are remembering that God will protect us.


Here is ‘My Lighthouse’ for you to singalong to. Maybe you could stand up and get some exercise whilst you do the actions!

Wednesday 6th May

At this unique and challenging time in the United Kingdom over 65 churches and movements, representing hundreds of others, have come together online to sing a blessing over our land. Standing together as one, our desire is that this song will fill you with hope and encourage you:

Tuesday 5th May

Being Thankful to God

In the bible, we read of a story about ten men who had an incurable skin disease called leprosy. When they saw Jesus, they shouted out to him for help and he felt so sorry for them, that he decided to heal them all. They were so happy to be healthy again that they went racing off excitedly to tell their family and friends the good news! Only one of the men thought to stay and say thank you to Jesus for making him well. (You can read this story in Luke, chapter 17.)


It is easy to forget to thank God for all of the good things he gives to us and does for us. So why not make a ‘Thankful Hands’ prayer poster? Simply draw around your hands and in each finger, write one thing that you are thankful to God for. Then put the poster somewhere that will remind you throughout the day to say a prayer of thanks to God.

Monday 4th May


St John's Ambulance have created a Kindness Calendar which is packed full of simple acts of kindness. You could use the blank squares to record ways you experience kindness yourself or record other acts of kindness you make (and it may give you ideas to pass on to others too!)"

Friday 1st May
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Thursday 30th April

Today is Captain Tom's 100th birthday. 

What year was he born in?

What has he done that has made him famous?

If you lived until you were 100, what would you like to have achieved? What would you like people to remember you for? 

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Wednesday 29th April



Let's take a minute to say thank you to our mums, dads and carers. 

They are all heroes, whether they are out doing Important jobs or at home looking after you.

Just like the sun, they are always there - let's not take them for granted. 

Say thank you!

Tuesday 28th April
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Monday 27th April
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Sunday 26th April
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Saturday 25th April
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Friday 24th April

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Thursday 23rd April
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These are some of the birds I've seen in my garden. Take a few minutes to stand quietly in the garden. Look for birds - and listen. It's very quiet at the moment with no traffic and gives us a chance to appreciate the wonderful world around us. 
Wednesday 22nd April
Picture 1

Tuesday 21st April


Draw, paint or make a sunshine.

Make it at least as big as a plate - you could even use a paper plate.

Then add post its, stick things on, add words or drawings - - of things that make you happy.

Put it on your bedroom wall and look at it whenever you are feeling a bit fed up.

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Monday 20th April

What am I most grateful for today?

What am I least grateful for?


What was today’s high point?

What was today’s low point?

Friday 17th April


A Blessings / Happiness Jar

All you need is for this is a jar or container, decorated it or plain. Write down blessings that you have received from God and put them in the jar. Share them once a week and then transfer them to a permanent home, perhaps nicely decorated, and keep the collection building up as a visible reminder.

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Thursday 16th April

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go!”- Dr Seuss

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Wednesday 15th April
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Tuesday 14th April

Create a prayer cube or a kindness cube. On each side put an act of kindness they might want to do, or put someone or something they might want to pray for on each side. Roll the cube and do that act of kindness/pray for that person or thing.

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Easter Monday  13th April 


A message to all the children at Hope Hamilton:

It seems very strange not to have seen you all for so long. It’s been lovely to see all your photos though and to hear about what you’ve been doing.

Today is Easter Sunday. Usually we would have had an Easter performance and an Easter assembly to remind us about the story of Easter – but not this year. Christians believe Jesus came back to life on Easter Sunday – a reminder to us all that there is always hope. Our school is not called HOPE Hamilton by accident. We believe there is always hope.

All of you will be facing your own particular problems at the moment. Being at home with family is lovely – but sometimes, when we’re together for a long time, we can get on each others’ nerves! The news is full of stories about people getting ill. Lots of people in our school community are going to work to look after other people. Everything is a bit strange and different.

But the story of Jesus reminds us there is always hope.

Remember the story of Noah – and the rainbow that God sent to tell Noah there was hope for a new world? Lots of you have put rainbows in your windows to support NHS workers and remind everyone there is always hope.

Tonight, where I live, we had a storm. It had been beautifully sunny so, unless you looked at a weather forecast, it was unexpected. After it was over – there was a rainbow.





OK – so in the photo, you can’t see the rainbow – but I PROMISE it was there! Sometimes, even when we can’t see where the hope is – it is still there. We will come out the other side of this and I can’t wait to see you all back in school and hear about how you have coped with this very strange time in our lives.

In the meantime, be kind to one another and keep in touch with your friends. Remember, the building is closed, but Hope Hamilton is still open. We are still a school family and we will soon be back together again. In the meantime, make rainbows and remember there is always hope.

Happy Easter

Mrs Farnell



Easter Sunday is the day when Christians celebrate Jesus coming back from the dead. It reminds us there is always hope. Today the Queen talks about hope in her message. 


“Many religions have festivals which celebrate light overcoming darkness. Such occasions are often accompanied by the lighting of candles. They seem to speak to every culture, and appeal to people of all faiths, and of none. They are lit on birthday cakes and to mark family anniversaries, when we gather happily around a source of light. It unites us.


This year, Easter will be different for many of us but by keeping apart we keep others safe. But Easter isn’t cancelled; indeed, we need Easter as much as ever. The discovery of the risen Christ on the first Easter Day gave his followers new hope and fresh purpose, and we can all take heart from this.


We know that coronavirus will not overcome us. As dark as death can be – particularly for those suffering with grief – light and life are greater. May the living flame of the Easter hope be a steady guide as we face the future."

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Saturday 11th April

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Friday 10th April

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Thursday 9th April

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Wednesday 8th April
Picture 1

This is a painting called ‘Peace in the Midst of the Storm’.

Look very carefully at this picture. You might have to zoom in! Can you see the bird in its nest? Here is a close up in case you didn’t spot it.
Picture 1

A wise man told a king that this is what peace looks like! What a strange thing to say! That waterfall looks ever so noisy and that bird is very high up! Nevertheless, that bird is peaceful in her nest in a place of peace despite what is going on around her!

Christians believe that God can give us peace like that too.

And the peace of God that passes all understanding, will guard your hearts and in Jesus Christ. Philippians 4:7

Time for Reflection

Peace can help us especially when life is very challenging.

What things do you like to do to help you feel peaceful?

  • making a picture
  • exercising
  • mindfulness
  • dancing
  • being helpful
  • praying
  • baking
  • gardening


Dear God,

Help us all to know your peace and find things to do that help us to feel peaceful.

Tuesday 7th April
Monday 6th April
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Sunday 5th April - Palm Sunday


On Palm Sunday, Christians remember the time when Jesus rode into Jerusalem triumphantly on a donkey whilst being cheered on by the crowds. They were so pleased to see him and welcome him, they laid their coats and palm branches on the ground (just like we’d welcome the Queen with a red carpet).


Time for reflection

Let’s spend a moment thinking about that week. It started with a great parade: everyone was singing and shouting that Jesus was someone special, that he was the Son of God. However, later that week, the religious leaders who didn’t like Jesus spread rumours and made the crowds shout that they wanted Jesus dead. They created so much fuss that Jesus was killed by the Roman soldiers.

What they didn’t realize was that this was all part of God’s plan. Jesus would come back to life and the world would be changed.


Dear God,
Sometimes, we don’t understand it when difficult or sad things happen.
Help us to remember that you are always there for us.
Thank you that you always care.
Please help us to trust you.

Saturday 4th April
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Friday 3rd April

Fischy Music

Fischy Music are providing a weekly assembly – YouTube link to first week is  follow them on Facebook to get links for future weeks and to comment etc

Thursday 2nd April
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Wednesday 1st April

I have confidence in your strength;

                You are my Refuge, O God.

My God loves me and will come to me.


Psalm 59, A prayer for Safety

Tuesday 31st March


The psalm doesn’t promise that everything will always be okay. But it does tell us that God is there for us all in hard times. 

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging. 

 Psalm 46: 1-3 from full reading Psalm 46

Monday 30th March 2020


Isaiah 40: 31


But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Friday 27th March


Thursday 26th March


1.4 – I have confidence in your strength;

                You are my Refuge, O God.

          My God loves me and will come to me.


Psalm 59, A prayer for Safety


Wednesday 25th March


“In His name the nations will Hope.” Matthew 12:21.


So relevant right now - the whole world needs to hope for the future and pray that things get better. People across the world are sharing the same challenges and worries and together we need to work to look after one another and make sure we come out the other side as a stronger community ready to face the future. 




Lots of children are making rainbows to represent our hope for the future. This is ESPECIALLY relevant to Hope Hamilton. Encourage your child / ren to make / paint / draw a rainbow and display it in your window so everyone knows a child lives there and we are sharing our hope for the future. We'd love to receive photos of the rainbows to share on our website / Facebook.