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Summer 1 20

Each week, in your book, put a title eg WEEK 1


Each week contains :

  1. message (from your teachers)
  2. learning objectives 
  3. timetable
  4. any post tests or self assessment grids
  5. anything you need to do the activities


Stick these in your book (trim them so you don't need to fold them) 


You can change the timetable if you want to. 

At the end of the week, have a go at highlighting the learning objectives:

green : I really understand this

yellow : I understand it but need some more work on it

pink : I don't really understand this yet


Don't worry if you don't get everything done, as long as you've tried hard and have done some learning. The important thing is to keep your brain working while you're at home - and to enjoy learning. 


For you, as year 6, we especially want you to feel ready and prepared for secondary school so you can show how amazing you really are in September! Starting your new school with a positive outlook, confidence and being ready to learn is so much more important than having SATs results and if you keep up with your learning you will be more than ready to face the new challenges ahead.