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Spring term 20

We would love to encourage a love of reading. 

Sharing books and stories with your child is fun! it is a great way to build special memories and moments with your child. It also helps children understand the world around them, develop social and emotional skills and builds confidence with communication.


The Foundation Stage Teachers love reading and have shared their favourite books.

MIss Roberts - "My favourite book is Dr Xargles book of earth tiggers because it is funny and it is about my favourite animals - Cats"


Mrs Iqbal - "My favourite story is the Snail and the Whale because i love how the whale shows kindness to the snail even though they look different. Also i like how they go on an exciting adventure and sees our wonderful world"


Mrs Sonpal - "My favourite story is The tiger who came to tea because i remember my mum reading this book to me when i was little. I liked it when the tiger ate all the food and drank all the drinks"