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SEND provision

At Hope Hamilton we aim to raise aspirations and expectations for all pupils, including those with special educational needs.  Our school ethos is to include all pupils in a caring and safe environment.  We pride ourselves on working with children to achieve the best they can and giving them every opportunity to reach their potential in lessons and providing support within the main class setting.

In recent pupil interviews  children reported feeling  supported and safe in school.  They felt challenged by lessons but positive about their learning.

'I enjoy working by myself as I can practice my skills and show people I do my own work.'

' When you ask a teacher for help - then they give you help - then they tell you, you are brilliant!'

'Resources help me learn, like in logical, I can get the items I need to help me count and add like counters.'


The Special Educational Needs Policy outlines the school's practice and the SEND information report provides more details on what provisions are available in school.  However, parents are always welcome to come and discuss any issues regarding their child and if you have any quieries or questions please feel free to contact the SENCo  Jenny Moore by calling in at the school or via e-mail

  If you would like information on anything particular please ask.

For more information on SEND provision in the local Authority, the Local offer is available at

SEND Information Report

Provisions in School

Under Review - Dec 18

How can I support my child in their learning?

Spending time with  your child on their homework will always help, read a story together and talk about what is happening in it.  Practise their spellings or phonics.  Look on the literacy and maths sections to see additional ways to support your child.