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Parking and school car park

Please see the following letter to be sent home on Friday 20th requesting parents to park safely and to avoid coming into or through the staff car park.

We are extremely concerned about your children's safety and need your cooperation to ensure the situation improves.





Yet again local residents and parents have expressed concerns about illegal and unsafe parking around school. The problem continues and we would like your support in addressing it. Local residents say they are unable to leave their homes in the morning and cars continue to be parked unsafely on pavements. If an ambulance or fire engine needed access to a local home, this could actually put lives at risk.


Please consider parking a short distance from school and allowing your child to take part in our ‘Walk to School’ scheme. Both you and your child will benefit from the exercise. Children will also be safer, especially as we currently don’t have a crossing guide. We know time is precious and everyone is busy but the children are also precious and it is only a matter of time before a parent in a hurry to drop off their child and get on with their day results in a serious injury or worse.


If your child attends breakfast club, please set off early enough to allow time to park safely when dropping off your child.


Local police are happy for you (or us) to send photographs of illegally parked cars to them along with registration numbers. Alternatively you may wish to contact local police directly.


Should you feel a car is parked unsafely, please feel free to email me a photograph on and I will forward it to the police on your behalf.


I would ask, however, that you do not approach a driver directly as altercations outside school are unpleasant and frightening for the children. I am especially disappointed to hear of parents being abusive when confronted. As adults we should be providing a role model for the children and we would hope that all parents would value our Christian ethos of respecting others and show children how this is done.  


There have also been issues with parents parking in or dropping off children in the staff car park and with children walking through this before the side gate is opened. Only staff are allowed in this car park to avoid accidents. For children’s safety, the gate will be locked in the mornings from Monday 23rd November, so parents parking there may find they cannot get out.


We have opened the gate at the Nirvana end of the school premises to alleviate pressure on other areas. However as darker mornings and evenings come in, we will have to close this gate for health and safety reasons. The area is unlit and difficult to grit in icy conditions. This means parents will need to set off a little earlier to ensure they can drop off children at other entrances safely.


Our only concern is to create a safer environment for the children as they arrive at and leave school. Please help us to be the exception to the rule in Leicester and to create a school where children’s safety outside school is a greater priority than convenient parking that puts children’s lives at risk. Let’s work together to create a culture where children’s safety is our priority and unsafe parking is seen as unacceptable.