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Christmas Performances

Thank you to parents for supporting this year's Christmas performances. The children have worked so hard to make them an enjoyable opportunity to share the Christmas spirit.

I would like to apologise to those parents who didn't manage to get a ticket and explain why this is. Tickets are not there for us to make money or to make life difficult as some parents have suggested.

There is a legal requirement for us to observe Health and Safety rules and this includes a limit on the number of people we can have in the hall. This is to ensure that in an emergency, the hall can be safely evacuated in the required time. For the same reasons we will soon be limiting the number of parents we can have in Special Mentions assemblies.

I'm sure you would want us to put children's safety first.

Thank you to the vast majority of parents who have understood this and patiently awaited extra tickets or accepted that there are none. Unfortunately a small number of parents have been quite rude and abusive to staff who have informed them they could not come in without a ticket. We understand that this is an emotive issue and as a parent myself, I know how upsetting this is, but staff are only doing their job and we do reserve the right to exclude abusive parents from school premises to ensure the safety of children and staff. I very much hope this does not become necessary.


It is Christmas time. We want the children to feel this is a time for sharing and enjoyment. If you were unable to get a ticket, please be assured that for this reason we have videoed all the performances and these will be available on our website as soon as possible. Parents will be given secure log on details to access these.


In the meantime, please help us to make the end of term an enjoyable and peaceful time for all the children.