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Mrs Rollins' Riddles

Hi everybody!


I just wanted to tell you about a challenge I am going to be running whilst we are all learning from home.

It’s going to be called Mrs Rollins’ Riddles.

Can you guess what you might have to do?


Twice a week, I will be setting a puzzle or challenge on the website, which you should try and solve by yourself (no helping, grown ups!)

If you think you have the answer, you can email it to me at with your name in the subject line. If you are correct, I will email you back a letter, which will be part of a secret message.

Please note that this email address is only for puzzle answers, any other queries should be sent to with the teacher’s name in the subject line.

Can you solve all of the puzzles and uncover the secret message?


Good luck and stay safe,

Love Mrs Rollins


Puzzle #1

What animal walks on 4 legs when it’s young, 2 legs in the middle of its life, and 3 legs when it’s old?


The animal that walks on 4 legs when it’s young, 2 legs in the middle of its life and 3 legs when it’s old is a human.


We crawl on our hands and knees when we are babies, then we learn how to walk on our feet. When we get older, sometimes humans need to use a walking stick or cane, which is like a third leg!


Puzzle #2

Can you find all the words in this wordsearch? All the letters that you DON’T use spell out a song we love to sing! What is the song? Bonus points if you can sing it to your grown up!



Puzzle #2 Answer:

My Lighthouse.

Can you remember all the words and actions? Try singing it to your family!


Puzzle #3


What’s the only number with the correct amount of letters in its name?


Puzzle #3 Answer:

The number with the correct amount of letters is 4! When you spell it, F-O-U-R, there are four letters. No other number does this. Cool, eh?


Puzzle #4


Solve the Sudoku. In each column, row and box, the numbers 1-6 are only allowed to appear once. Which number belongs in the green square?

Picture 1
Puzzle #4 Answer:
Picture 1

Puzzle #5


I am full of holes, but I can still hold water. What am I?

Puzzle #5 Answer:


Sponge. Sponges are full of holes, but they can still hold water!


Puzzle #6


Solve the Crossword. There are 10 clues to words we use at school all the time. Make sure you spell them right, or they won’t fit in the crossword properly! You can either attach a picture of your finished crossword in your email, or just list your answers with the clue numbers next to them.

Picture 1

Puzzle #6 Answer:



1.            blue

2.            foundation

3.            Miss Moore

4.            headteacher

5.            pencil

6.            basketball

7.            ebony

8.            laptop

9.            computer

10.          ruler


Puzzle #7


I have a tongue and soul, but I’m not alive. What am I?

Puzzle #7 Answer:


The object with a tongue and a sole (not actually spelled soul!) is a shoe!

Puzzle #8


How many triangles can you spot in the image below? Be careful, some of the triangles might be hiding inside other ones!

Picture 1