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Messages and updates for parents

Safety in the school grounds

Before and After care


High Hopes after care may be able to provide after care for your child, at their nursery in a separate room, for a reduced rate. Please give them a call if you think they may be able to help. 

'Welcome back to school' booklet.

This booklet is still useful for those children who are attending school. Our health and safety measures remain in place. 

Phonecalls to children

Over the next weeks each teacher will try to briefly call each child in their class. This is to

  • check they are safe and well
  • find out how well they are coping with the work
  • reassure them that school is still here and life will return to normal

If your child isn't comfortable talking on the phone, the teacher will speak to you instead. 

We can't promise to get to everyone, but we will try our best. They will call from the school phone number or their personal mobile with caller ID hidden- so please answer the call!

Remember, if you have any worries or concerns, we are here to help.

Email and if we can't help, we'll try to find someone who can.

Home Learning pages on the website (once Google is established, these will change)

These are organised into weeks. 

Each week will include:

  • A message, challenge, picture or something else personal from one of the teachers to the year group to maintain a feeling of connectedness
  • Learning objectives for the week (focussed on KPIs) – I can statements (linked to Target Tracker statements)
  • Weekly timetable of activities based around the model template. Include the details of the activities on this timetable to keep things simple.
  • Self assessment grids (must be included for writing activities and should be for others where you would have included one in class) – and post tests (must be included for maths, ideally every lesson – it could be after 2or 3 lessons on a topic for instance.)
  • Answers – where appropriate eg arithmetic tests
  • Key vocabulary list for the week – with definitions
  • Resources for the activities


Years 1,2,3 and 4 will have pages each week for communication, logical and other subjects. 

Years 5 and 6 will have a page for each day. 

Activities are intended to be accessible to the children independently. We do not expect parents to be teachers. 

Check the Guidance for parents page for useful booklets to help you to organise your child's learning. 

What if your child can't access the learning?

Some children may find the work for their year group too difficult. In class, the teacher may well give them different work or extra help. For instance children with special needs or who speak English as an additional language may find some work too hard.

We suggest children try the work for their year group first. They may well be able to do some of the activities. 

If they can't do them, they could go to the same work in a lower year group and try that instead. 

If there is still a problem, email the teacher via for help.