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April update


The Vines Academy Trust

Members and Trustees

Plans are progressing for the formation of our Multi-Academy Trust. In order for us to proceed with this process, and move to a formal consultation, we are now at the stage of seeking a board of directors/trustees and members to work oversee the strategic development of the trust alongside our school local governing bodies. Specifically we are keen to hear from interested members of our communities with skills related to: business and finance, personnel, human resources, buildings, procurement, legal and education.

Being a Director will involve a time commitment in relation to at least 6 Board meetings a year, including the preparation for meetings as well as being a member of possible board committees. Also required is the time needed to visit all schools in the MAT to gain a thorough understanding of them regarding your role as a Director.

Members typically meet once a year, once the MAT is established, to receive reports and ratify strategic direction. Greater involvement may be needed if the MAT is considered to be underperforming.

If you would like to be considered as a trustee/director or a member of the academy trust please come and talk to us. We may ask you to complete a skills audit to help with the selection process.

Due Diligence


Please email me on if you would like more information.


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