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Letters from the office

School will be closed form Tuesday 5th January 2021 until February half term. 


You may now have heard Boris Johnson’s announcement that schools will once again close – FROM TOMORROW.

I really feel for parents who are struggling to organise and manage their lives and jobs and know only too well how confusing and disruptive the changing guidance is for families.

We have no choice but to close from tomorrow FOR ALL CHILDREN


We haven’t had time to put remote learning back in place or establish processes for key workers. We are doing this as quickly as we can. Staff need time to re-plan (having spent their Christmas holiday planning for face to face teaching) and reorganise so we can support vulnerable children and children of critical workers in school as well as provide remote learning.

We will therefore be closed to ALL CHILDREN just for tomorrow so we can ensure this is done properly. We had no notice this would happen.

Tomorrow we will get information out for parents who are key workers and organise home learning.

For the moment I’m afraid there’s little more we can tell you so please don’t email or call tomorrow. There will be nothing more we can tell you until we receive more information. We need to concentrate on getting things in place as rapidly as possible, but please know that we are working hard to try to get some clarity and establish all the support systems your children need. We will send out more information tomorrow as soon as we can.

I am so very sorry to have to give you this news with such impossibly short notice.